Syntha 6 Side Effects

Syntha 6 Side Effects let review them now in detail. Up until now you might be thinking that Syntha-6 sounds too good to be true. Well, this article is here to bring it back down to earth. Side effects are there for every single product on earth because thereís no such thing as a perfect product. Knowing about the side effects ahead of time can allow you to manage them effectively and that is definitely something that can help you greatly.

Muscle Cramping

Muscle cramping is a very common side effect from Syntha-6 and usually comes about during the workout or immediately after the workout is over. Many people mistakenly think that the muscle cramping is directly caused by Syntha-6 but this is actually untrue. What actually happens is that your body gets dehydrated quicker when on Syntha-6 and that in turn is what causes the cramping to take place. For that reason, you need to make sure that you consume a lot of water before and after the workout. Take in more than you normally would and you should be able to mitigate this side effect a significant amount.

Stomach Cramps

Another common side effect and one that can directly be related to Syntha-6 is stomach cramping. Stomach cramping comes from the excess protein that is being shoved into your system as it makes its way through the digestive tract. There might even be a little bit of constipation for some people if they overdo it too much too quickly or if their bodies are just predisposed to constipation when there is an excess amount of protein in the system.

If you want to deal with this problem, the best thing to do is once again to make sure that you remain well-hydrated as the water can counteract the effects of the excess protein. Eating high amounts of fibre, fruits and vegetables will also help. It is worthwhile to note here that Syntha-6 is one of the few products that do contain ingredients to help with this problem and therefore these side effects should be far less pronounced with Syntha-6 than with just about any other protein product.

Dryness of Mouth

If youíve ever been in an area of extremely dry heat, you know the dryness of mouth feeling quite well. This is the feeling that you can get with Syntha-6 as well. Remember that increasing the protein level in your body and then working out will cause your body to burn through all of its reserves a lot quicker. This means that the parched and dry mouth feelings can come about a lot quicker than they otherwise might. As with most of these side effects however, drinking more water and hydrating more often can help you deal with them sufficiently.


In this review of the Syntha 6 Side Effects we went over the main points. As you can see, Syntha-6 is not perfect. However, many of these problems can be mitigated by common sense measures such as increased water intake and more stretching before and after the workout. If you make sure that you do these things, youíll get few side effects and still get the great results that this product can provide.

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